As a Black British woman, the work I create is rooted in my cultural heritage.

I create sculptural interventions using everyday discarded objects.  


I devise new worlds and lives for these objects, transforming them from their original substance.

I work with lines, manipulating them, knotting them, breaking them, understanding the strength of the unbroken line.

These ideas transform into connections with family lineage and ties.

The broken ties, and the blanks that exist.


Through my practice I make sense of the blanks filling in that from which we have become alienated.


Reflecting on a secular world, I began researching the deaths of unarmed young Black men/boys killed by police officers in the UK and USA. Scrutinizing the relationship between multiculturalism and violence, gesture and structure. The barriers we put up, the gated communities, the barriers to resist positive change - these themes I explore. I used these as inspiration for my sculptural installation: Barriers

My main theme for 2016 has been the EU Migrant crisis.  I have been examining migratory routes taken by humans and birds.

As I pursue migration I focus on the perils that lie on this journey for both species. In this, I combine my interest in poetry with my enthusiasm for painting and a personal visual narrative evolves.


In 2017, I packed my suitcase to further explore my roots. I have been using photography on my travels through Senegal and The Gambia to capture the essence of my journey. I will be creating a series entitled, 8%  to reflect the Senegalese percent of my DNA, later in the year.


Stay tuned, Paula x


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