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I think I was born an artist.  My Mother used to say the only thing I wanted to do as a child was draw. Earlier on in my career I wasn't able to pursue my artistic dreams,  I had to earn money and selling paintings didn't pay the rent.  I was fortunate and had a career in business, music management.

A few years ago I was able to go back to University and study for my Masters Degree in Fine Art.

Since completing my Degree in 2016 my studio practice has included painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and lots of creative writing- seems I have a lot to say.  

As a black woman I am affected by current affairs - BLM  - and this I know will be reflected in my studio practice over the coming months.

Paula Fraser Bergin




There is no tension no pain

just the sound of water

slapping against a long forgotten cave

If I had time I'd take a bike

and cycle along the path

but I have a bridge to cross

the last hope of the rich

Paula Fraser Bergin

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